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By Doryol Taborda

Escrito em 1939 por Doryol Taborda, o livro trás uma reunião de contos policiais com muita ação, suspense e mistério:

O aniversário sangrento
As mortes em série
Os diamantes acusadores
O fantasma de Londres
O contrabando de platina
A lágrima da deusa
O pássaro da morte
O segredo da bíblia
A quadrilha do capuz negro
Contrário à evidência
A vingança do mutilado
Herdeiros da morte
A dama da túnica escarlate
O mistério do cavalo branco

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Their first major public demonstration was against the showing of Our Fighting Navy, a naval training information film which was seen by the left as little more than militaristic propaganda. Two months before, at a showing of the same film in Swindon, six people (including two Oxford students) had been arrested after staging a protest inside the cinema, which involved shouting three slogans – ‘Take it off ’, ‘We won’t fight for king and country’ and ‘Workers unite to fight war’. Since Gresham’s, Klugmann had been moved by the horrors of war, something which had made a further impression on him through the Nie Wieder Krieg!

If the Soviet Union was the country which had made the first communist revolution, then Klugmann turned his thoughts to Germany for the next. 9 It was therefore a terrible shock – a ‘bombshell’ – to hear of Hitler’s advance in January 1933 and the dismantling of the progressive advances made by the German left. The Reichstag fire and the rise of Nazism in the German elections had crystallised the threat of fascism and war. His Marxist beliefs, shared and nurtured in regular discussions with Kitty, Maurice Cornforth, David Guest, Kiernan, Maclean and others, now had a much wider audience and he was proving himself an able theoretician and organiser.

History, however, was his abiding passion and helped to drive his Marxist ideas. He eventually joined the Communist Party at the LSE, where he immediately became involved in a whole range of political activities. He took over the editorship of Student Vanguard, became secretary of the Labour Research Department Group (LRD), sub-edited Young Worker, was a member of the LSE AntiFascist and Anti-War Committees and joined the Marxist Society. Very soon, he became secretary of the FSS. However, his priority was to get involved in working-class action and he spent considerable time organising demonstrations, including supporting a strike in tram depots.

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