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By Roderick Hunt, Alex Brychta

ISBN-10: 0199160619

ISBN-13: 9780199160617

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Technically speaking, it is here that (literal) third and first person imperative forms belong, thus providing an argument for their more appropriate classification as a form of subjunctive. (68) a. Nyíl-j-on ki az ajtó! ’ < previous page page_24 next page > < previous page page_25 next page > Page 25 b. ACC if this nem igaz)! ’ Note that the example for first person is not at all formal, unlike its English translation, which is meant to illustrate the effect of the subjunctive. 2. Exclamations Exclamations can be simple or complex, but all instances must focus on some quality or quantity; the mere fact or event cannot be the subject of an exclamation.

In this case the echo-question conveys a sense of disagreement or disbelief. Note that the rise-fall pattern distributed over the final two syllables above is compressed onto the single syllable of the accented question-word below. (42) a. A: Anna megtalálta Pétert. ’ b. B: (Hogy)ki talált meg kit? 7. 1. 4. 1. Answers and speech acts Answers are not marked as distinct speech acts. 1. Answers to yes-no questions Answers to yes-no questions can always be a simple igen ‘yes’or nem ‘no’. ) In addition to these minimal answers, there are various options depending on the structure of the question.

Milyen/De érdekes (egy) könyvet olvasol! ’ b. *De olvasol (egy érdekes könyvet)! ca. , or the simple particle de again. In these constructions it is required that the prefix precede the verb. ) Recall that in questions prefixes cannot occur between the question-word and the inflected verb. Excepting those beginning with de, they can all be introduced by the general complementizer hogy ‘that’. (70) a. (Hogy) mennyire meg-változtál! ’ b. De meg-változtál! ’ c. Hogy meg-változtál! ’ d. *Mennyire/De változtál meg!

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